New Marist Poll: McCain-Rice Tops Clinton-Obama in NY State
Thursday, 10 April 2008

A new poll of New York State voters suggests a hypothetical John McCain-Condoleezza Rice ticket would beat the so-called “dream ticket” of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, even though Rice has sought to douse rumors that she’s seeking the VP slot.

The WNBC/Marist Poll, released Wednesday, showed voters in the Democratic stronghold of New York preferred the Republican McCain-Rice team over the Democratic duo, no matter which Democratic candidate was on top.

In the poll, 49 percent said they would support the GOP ticket, and 46 percent said they would support a ticket with Clinton the presidential nominee and Obama her running mate. With Obama at the top, 49 percent still said they would support McCain-Rice, while 44 percent said they would support the Democratic ticket. Clinton is a New York senator.

The survey, however, found that a ticket composed of McCain and Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman would trail the Democrats in similar match-ups.

The poll surveyed 576 registered New York voters from April 3-4. The margin of error was 4 points.

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For a McCain/Condi ticket!
Friday, 08 February 2008

McCain's just about clinched the nomination, and it's good for the party.

ImageIt is good because we can start the campaign now, while we watch the Democrats bickering amongst themselves over the next 3 months. And McCain has strong credentials.

We are in a war of civilizations for a while. And not because we wanted it. Let's be realistic: this unnecessary war on us is not going to stop just because we want out. The only way out is through victory. Dynamic Ecig Reviews And victory's quickest route goes through a Republican administration. Let's face it: if you don't really agree there is a war going on, how can you win it? While Democrats focus on internal affairs, Republicans are good at protecting the land - so we can actually have peace and harmony in the land.

McCain will be a fine President. And he will rally under our banner more Independents than we could have hoped for. But there's more: he could also rally more blacks and women than we had hoped for, with Condi Rice as the Vice-President.

Condi: the obvious choice for VP

The Democrats will have either a woman candidate, or a black candidate. Condi can hold her own against either of them. But of course, Condi was never about just race and gender. She's been a superb representative of the United States on the world scene, and can claim more experience than either Democrat presidential nominee for a top executive post.

ImageShe has been popular with Conservatives because of her personal values, her support for the Second Amendment, and of course, because of her firm stance on the war on terror.

We can't have Condi for President just yet.

Let's have McCain-Condi in 2008!


Andre Mugnier,

Last Updated ( Monday, 11 February 2008 )

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