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  • Run Condi Run! petition

    "We the undersigned, citizens of the United States of America, respectfully request that you, Condoleezza Rice, accept to be a Republican candidate for the 2008 presidential election."
    (Your name and address will appear only on the petition to Condi Rice)

  • Run Condi Run! projects

    National, state and local projects, events and initiatives to promote the candidacy of Condoleezza Rice, in which you may want to participate. (We will inform you of those events, and you can choose to participate or not)

  • Press contacts
    Members of the press and people who have contacts with the press and have access to it.
  • Republican contacts
    Republicans who are actual or potential backers of a Condi Rice nomination.
  • Dems, Libertarians and Independents
    Democrats, Libertarians and Independents who are actual or potential backers of a Condi Rice nomination.


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